How It Works In Five Steps

1.  We start with a free in home consolation to better understand your wants, design style and preferences.  We will answer your questions and provide an overview of the design process. 

2.  Review your goals and complete a site analysis of your property.  We will consider your budget restrictions and develop a concept plan that incorporates the elements of your wants and needs.  Provide referrals to landscape contractors.

3.  Present you with a 2D plan to scale and 3D movie of a real-time view of your completed landscape.  At this meeting you will have the opportunity to suggest changes and agree upon a final plan.

4.  Present final site design master plan for your review and approval. 

5. Conduct a walk-through with your landscaper or contractor to ensure they understand specifics about the design plan and can implement it with according to your wishes.  Final construction documents are suitable for any homeowner's
association HOA submittal that may be required and can also be used to get bids from landscape contractors.

Design Plans Include A 3D Movie Experience
Design packages include a 2D detailed plan to scale that will contain all the information needed for your contractor to build your landscape as it is envisioned.  Also included is a  3D walk through movie experience providing you with a real-time view of how your new landscape will look.  You will have the opportunity to review a draft of the plan before final version is complete.

Landscape Design Packages Include

  • 1-2 Hour Meeting To Discuss Goals and Concept Plan
  • Complete Site Analysis
  • Plantings Design Plans To Scale
  • Hardscape Design Plans To Scale
  • Patio/Walkways
  • Lighting Plan
  • Water Features
  • Referral to Landscape Contractor
  • 1 Hour Meeting To Review Draft Plans
  • Email Consolation With To Share Updates and Ideas
  • 1-2 Hour Meeting to Present your Final Site Design in a 2D plan and 3D Movie
  • Referral To Landscape Contractor
  • 1-2 Hour Walk Through With Contractor or Landscaper During Install

2D Plan To Scale

Check out the video below to see a 3D walk through movie experience providing your with a  realtime view of how your new landscape will look.

Design services are available for an hourly rate if needed beyond the plan scope of work.  Some clients desire additions support to work with contractors on installation details to implement your design into reality on the ground. Any additional support needed beyond the plan package is possible.

Our goal is to ensure that you love your new landscaping and that we exceed your expectations and earn your referrals to friends and neighbors.

Allen Sidwell, Landscape Designer published in San Diego Culture Magazine

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